In front of you, you see a choice of offers for one week to three weeks tours in Madagascar. This tariffs are valid from November 1st 2023 to October 31st 2024. All these offers can be combined and can be adapted to your ideas and proposals. There are shorter or longer tours possible too and the journeys can be extended with a beach holiday. Don’t hesitate to inquire, simply by e-mail. We’ll be happy to compose a journey for you.

Depending on the arrival time of the international flight and on the flight schedule of the domestic flights there might be some adjustments of the tour necessary.

An early reservation of rooms and flights is recommended, mainly in the peak season Mai and July – November as well as around Christmas and New Year. The demand in the peak months is often higher than the offer.

These are just a few samples of our tours. They may be combined and adapted to your interests. Please get in touch for more information about these and other tours.

Tours we offer:

To the North

To the East

To the South

To the West


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