Feedback from our customers:

Now we have almost had time to digest all the impressions from the trip. We are incredibly happy with everything, everything worked great! We got to see many great experiences, widely different environments and twelve different lemur species. One of the highlights was in Mantadia when we got to hear the song of the indris almost directly above us. A very intimate experience with only two others there.
It was nice to have sun and a bath at the end, it was much needed. Eden Lodge was a wonderful place where you had the beach almost to yourself and we saw the black lemurs every day that stayed near the lodge. We were glad we stayed there and not at Nosy Be.

– C. & J. from Sweden  2023

“Dear Le Voyageur Team,
It is not a request but searching a way to leave a review on our tour in
I was just in Madagascar through your company and wanted to thank you
for the amazing job you did!
We were the group from Latvia and our tour was booked in russian
language with the guide Solofo, who did amazing job, but I happened to
not speak the language and ended up driving in a jeep with an extra
guide named Fetra ( I know the real name is much longer but I don’t want
to make a mistake), and I wanted to give all the praise and love for
this amazing tour guide!
How smart, intelligent, funny and caring this guy is! He was just the
spottlight of every day for everyone, welcoming us in a early morning
with a smile, greatings. After driving hours every day, still wishing us
a goodnight with a smile! Truly the most honest and friendliest
expierence with the tour guides ever! the fact we expected him to be as
a driver only but he ended up to be the dream guide of knowing
everithing and answering to every single question! Please keep him as a
treasure! And the bus driver Michel! Made me smile every day! For us
sometimes on the streets seemed to be a bit challenging, sitting in the
car or so, but the way our two drivers took care of that was just amazing!
Thank you so much the whole team and especially our drivers!
I wish you the very best!”

– Z. K. from Latvia, Nov. 2022

“Hello Michael and Patrick,
I am back to Warsaw now. The tour in Madagascar right now is only a lot of memories….

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your effort for organisation of the whole tour for my group. Everything was perfectly prepared for our visit.
For my people it was a life time experience !!!

Once again THANK YOU !!!

We keep in touch til the next group,

– L.W. July 2022


“Hello Michael and Patrick,
I am back to Warsaw now. The tour in Madagascar right now is only a lot of memories….

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your effort for organisation of the whole tour for my group. Everything was perfectly prepared for our visit.
For my people it was a life time experience !!!

Once again THANK YOU !!!

We keep in touch til the next group,
L.W. July 2022

“As a primarily English-speaking American who had never been anywhere near Africa,
I was very nervous when trying to book a tour operator for my vacation in Madagascar.
I initially tried contacting a number of different hotels/tourist services in Madagascar,
but Le Voyageur stood out from everyone else for their excellent customer service, timely responses to my emails,
and overall professionalism leading up to and throughout my trip. When I arrived in Madagascar,
there was no confusion about where to meet my tour guide or what my itinerary would be.
Le Voyageur gave me zero cause for any anxiety throughout my trip with them.
The only issues I experienced had to do with some muddy areas in the roads to Bekopaka/Tsingy because I happened to arrive at the end of the rainy season.
Even then, the driver and car chosen by Le Voyageur were outstanding in facing these problems.
Whereas some other tour cars actually broke down on the road, our driver kept the car in good condition and handled the tough roads with exceptional expertise.
While other tourists who picked other tour operators were sometimes left stranded, Le Voyageur got us safely to all our destinations and back.
In addition to providing us with a wonderful driver, Le Voyageur also provided us with an excellent English-speaking tour guide who demonstrated great sensitivity and hospitality,
helping everything run smoothly and translating for us whenever needed.

If you are considering booking a tour in Madagascar, I absolutely recommend working with Le Voyageur.”
Genevieve, May 2018

Bonjour Fanja, Bonjour M. Patrick,

Un grand merci pour l’organisation de notre voyage, qui fut une vraie réussite, grâce à votre travail et à l’action de Héri, notre chauffeur préféré, homme attentif et attentionné, parfait connaisseur de son pays, de sa nature et de ses hommes, à Rindra, notre guide bien-aimée, qui nous a fait une fois encore découvrir et aimer Madagascar. Un grand merci aussi à notre chauffeur de Diégo, Patou, qui était capable de repérer un caméléon en roulant, et qui s’arrêtait pour nous les montrer…
Fanja fut d’une aide précieuse, vérifiant et nous informant des modifications de vol de Air Mada, et ajustant notre parcours pour tenir compte de nos désirs..
Vous êtes une belle équipe, nous vous remercions de nous avoir permis un aussi beau voyage..
Si nous revenons, c’est votre équipe qui sera chargée de notre voyage, et bien sur nous vous recommanderons chaleureusement auprès de nos amis et connaissances.
Très amicalement.
Gérard & Sonia Octobre 2017

Dear Christian,

I just write you to thank you for all the work you did to make our honey moon very special, amaizing and unforgetable. THANK YOU. You have done a fantastic job, always being there to solve problems.

I would also like to thank you for both guides, they were perfect, specially Rassia. She is AWESOME. We learn a lot with her, we laugh, we discover a lot about the north and the country and we had an amaizing time with her. I would like to have her e-mail to send her some photos we take with her. Could it be possible?

For everything else, thank you.

If we come back to Madagascar, and we hope we do, we will let you know.

Maria and Simone, Spain

Attn. Le Voyageur, Tour operator

We spent our holiday from October 23 to November 3 2016 in Madagascar. The whole stay was arranged by your travel company and our guide-driver was Mr. Jimmy. We must say that our holiday in Madagascar belonged to the most interesting that we ever spent. It was due to beautiful national parks in your country but especially thanks to Mr. Jimmy. His courtesy, timekeeping and willingness to show us all we asked (even more than was our itinerary) made our holiday so nice. He also gave us very interesting information about geography, history and life in Madagascar. During our way to Tulear a defect occurred on our car – Mr. Jimmy succeed to repair it although it was difficult due to long distance from the source of spare parts (thanks to this event we succeeded to visit one more national park, spiny forest).
Mr. Jimmy perfectly represented your travel company and helped us to spend a pleasant holiday in your beautiful country.
With best regards
J R and A R from Pilsen, Czech Republic

Dear Fanja,
It was really nice to see you in Antananarivo last week.Our home flight was adventurous because we had to do an emergency
landing in Athens.We lost our connections in Paris, but we managed to come home later.The luggage came some days later.
I was so happy to be in Madagaskar with my group. All Your services were excellent. And of course the little Vola was so nice and the
super drivers Yassu & Gael as well.

I wish you all the best. I start to pack my luggage for Beijing.
Esko, Finland, Sept. 2015

Dear Njara, so we are back home again. It’s been a wonderful travel and you have organized everything very well. The first guide said few words but was clever, the second one, Frank, was very very sympathetic. I only don’t understand why we had to catch two airplanes instead of one to go to Diego. We have wasted a lot of time! However thank you for everything! Ciao to the next time for south Madagascar.Daniela, Italy, Aug. 2010
Dear Mrs Njara and the rest of Le Voyageur team,
It’s been a few days since we safely returned to Uganda and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for the great care and service. We truly enjoyed our stay in Madagascar; the program matched our interests perfectly, the hotels were well selected and the vehicle very comfortable. We were amazed by the diversity in landscape and especially the trekking in Andringitra was fantastic! Although we would have loved to stay an extra day (or two) in Isalo National Park. Maybe next time…
Also Dani was very attentive, a good driver and helped us a lot to learn more about the country and the people. Please send him our best regards. Moreover, it was nice meeting Patrick at the end of our trip. Hopefully the political situation will remain stable so tourism can recover quickly. And of course, being in the same industry myself, I will be happy to refer the tour operators we work with – and our clients – to your company. I hope we can continue working together and share our contacts, in order to attract more tourists to the less known tourism destinations, like Uganda and Madagascar.
Again, thank you for making our stay in Madagascar unforgettable. Looking forward to a pleasant cooperation and maybe we will meet again!
Veloma! Kind regards

Miranda and Bas, Uganda, Oct. 2009

Dear Fanja, many thanks for the wonderful tour we’ve had.
Please find here some comments: Tana: we loved the Residence Lapasoa. There are some very negative reviews on Trip Advisor but we thought it was great. And we had the best breakfast on our trip there. Berenty: of course the road is horrible but the reserve is wonderful. We enjoyed the Berenty Lodge and were surprised to learn dinner was part of our package. Our driver, Raymond, and our guide, Benoit, were both very good. If I had it to do over, I would spend 2 nights at Berenty so we could return to Ft. Dauphine early in the morning. We arrived in Ft. Dauphine after dark and left very early the next day so we never saw the town. The Azura Hotel was very comfortable and the staff very friendly. Isalo: this was Larry’s favorite part of the trip. Walking in and around the beautiful rock formations and down in the canyon and to the black and blue pools was a wonderful experience! And we had a great guide in Roxy. The Isalo Ranch cabins are charming and we enjoyed a nice view. The dinners were good in the restaurant. The picnic lunches (that you order) everywhere could be improved a lot. We chose to bring our own snacks and buy some bananas. Anja Park: a nice little private reserve. I was impressed that the community cares enough about the flora/fauna to protect it. Ranomafana: The Setam Lodge was also a very good choice for us. The tour in the park was great although I was a bit disappointed not to see many birds. I think we should have begun our tour at least an hour earlier than we did. Our guide, Dauphine, was excellent. He guided us 3 times, once at the park, once at a place near the town of Ranomafana where we saw Parson’s chameleons (both male and female), and a night walk. Good food at the lodge. Ranomafana to Tana: as we knew in advance, too long a drive. But we saw many interesting villages along the way, each with their own speciality—honey, wood zebu plates, gooseberries, charcoal, thrashing rice, etc. We really enjoyed seeing this slice of Malagasy life. Again, if I could do it over, we would have spent the night half way. Morondava: what a delightful surprise. We absolutely loved our sea view cottages on the beach at Au Sable D’or. We greatly appreciated being able to check-in at 7:30 in the morning after an early arrival and also check out at 3:00 pm after our Air Madagascar flight was delayed. This was by far our favorite accommodation. And we also loved the restaurant. Misaotra betsaka!!! Rosalie and I had a great time there shopping for lambdas (and other things). Avenue of the Baobabs: Sunset was FANTASTIC!!!!! Tsingy: This was my favorite place. And I am afraid of heights!!!! Yes, another terrible road but it was worth it. Our driver Hery did a great job of getting us there. He spoke very little English but I speak a little French and we got along just fine. Orchidee de Bemaraha had very nice comfortable rooms. The first night we arrived late and skipped dinner. The second night we had a very good dinner there. Our guide was Narcisse and he really helped me cross that suspension bridge without looking down! Narcisse was an outstanding guide. You could just tell that he loves what he does. Njato and Dani: We did not have a chance to spend much time with Dani but what little time we did we were very impressed with him. His English is excellent and he is very smart and thoughtful. I hope to have e-mail contact with him. Njato was also impressive. While he works for you as a driver, he is much more than that. The same is true for Dani. Njato quickly sensed what we liked or disliked and responded in helpful ways. We gained a lot of insight into life in Madagascar through him. We truly enjoyed having him as our driver/guide from Tulear to Tana. In sum, all of our drivers and guides were very good. We feel you have provided us with very good service. I would be happy to recommend you to any clients who wish a referral. Veloma.
Judi, California, May 2011
Hi Patrick,
after you arranged my tour Nov. 14 to Dec 2, I told you I would write a travel report on my trip, to be published at It took me a few weeks to write it, and 3 weeks more for them to publish it. Here it is:
(Excerpt from the bottom of the page) I chose to go with the tour company Le Voyageur, based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. I told them where I wanted to visit and how long, and they drew up a customized tour for me. I was extremely pleased their reliability and service, and hope other travelers will use their services. I have no business relationship with them—I’m just a satisfied customer. Tour costs to Madagascar, originating in Paris or London, are often quoted at $300 to $500 per person, per day, double occupancy. And this doesn’t include all of the extra costs I’ve listed above. My costs, after finding this excellent Antananarivo tour company, was much less than this daily cost. I hope that readers of this report will contact you to arrange their trip. I’d like to thank you, Andry, Frank and Charlie for making this trip such an enjoyable vacation.
Don C. and Janice W., USA, Nov./Dec 08
P.S. The report used very small pictures from my gallery. It doesn’t seem clear from the report that the gallery exists, that people know where to find it. The overall gallery is here: If you click on each thumbnail picture, a larger, more detailed picture will appear.
Don C. and Janice W., USA, Nov./Dec 08