Dear clients and people who are interested in Madagascar. It has been several years that we own a piece of land of the size of around 32 Hectares. Wie have started on a part of this land a little while ago to plant trees for forest restoration.

On the other part, we are planning in the future to build a high-class Eco lodge, with the help of investors, if we can find any. But the bigger part of the land will remain a forest, once the trees will all be planted. Most of the land has been burned in the past for charcoal production before we have acquired it. Our goal is not to plant fast-growing Eucalyptus trees, as it is done often in Madagascar, but to restore the originally in this area growing type of trees, plus a few tropical fruit trees like Mango and Litchi.

We have decided that we’ll plant for each customer, who is doing a tour of min. one week with us, we’ll plant 3 trees. We usually plant each time some hundred in advance. The idea is reforestation but also compensation of CO2, that the customers will produce for the flight to Madagascar and the driving around.

Today where the awareness for this matter is growing, we think that it is a good idea to tell customers, that we actually do something about it. Those clients who’ll visit Andasibe can also plant their trees themselves if they like, clients will need about two to three hours of time for it, and good shoes, it can be slippery and a bit muddy if it has been raining before, and they’ll have to walk in total a bit more than 2 km on a dirt track. We should know it before if clients want to plant their trees, to make sure that the staff is on-site to guide them.

It is also possible to put a nameplate with the name of the clients next to the tree, but that will cost 20 Euro and about two weeks pre-run time for engraving the nameplate. You’ll find herewith some pictures of the project. Besides reforestation and CO2 compensation, this also gives a little income to those involved.

We’d like to thank you and your customers who indirectly participate to support this project!

Kind regards

Michael Horn