Why not combine Madagascar and Mauritius for your holiday? We can offer you on Mauritius a stay in one of the many beautiful luxury hotels, or in more budget orientated accomodation. But we can also offer you much more active stays on Mauritius as well.


We propose:

Four half day hikes in the center, south and southwest of the island with an English speaking guide.You’ll see:

  • Black River Gorges, Hiking in the national park with its rare endemic plants, rivers and waterfalls
  • South coast with its rocks and beaches where you can feel the spray of the ocean
  • Chamarel with view from the Piton Canot, visit of the endemic forest, and finish with a visit of the famous 7-coloured earth and the waterfall
  • Le Pouce, 3rd highest mountain at 812 m and beautiful view on the northern island, the capital city Port Louis, Mokka and the high grounds of Plain Wilhelms.







We can  offer you a large range of different hotels for different budgets, please let us know your ideas and the area and categorie of hotel and we’ll compose an offer for you.

Please ask for our offers!

Water Sports






We propose:

  • Sailing with a beautiful Catamaran:
  • different day tours to some of the surrounding small islands or great snorkeling spots, incl.  picnic on board
  • unforgettable Sunset cruise with drinks on board
  • Diving with our partner on site.

On land
There are other excursions possible, which we can arrange for you, please ask for our offers.

In the air
There’s also a hydroplane on the island, but capacity is rather limited, only one passenger can sit with the pilot in the plane.